MiniCore™ RCM6700

MiniCore™ RCM6700


 The MiniCore RCM6700 series of core modules is ideal for today's smart energy initiatives as well as a host of other applications requiring networking and device control. With plenty of configurable I/O and multiple serial ports, the RCM6700 provides connectivity and control to numerous devices, allowing for greater design flexibility without sacrificing features and cost.

Rabbit's integrated hardware and software solution allows the RCM6700 series to be fully programmable within Dynamic C®, an ANSI C compliant development environment. Complete samples and libraries are included to dramatically reduce development time from months to weeks. The iDigi™ platform eases the burden of device deployment by providing complete remote monitoring and control, thereby eliminating server maintenance and costly on-site visits.

Communication and Control

The RCM6700 series are high performance device servers which contain a multitude of device connectivity options. This includes an I2C interface, A flexible interface module, FIM which extends peripheral connectivity like CANbus, 1-Wire and SD/SDIO. 32 Configurable I/O and up to 6 serial ports, the RCM6700 series provides more capabilities from the standard device servers without sacrificing costs. The series is also pin compatible with MIiniCore 802.11 b/g modules.



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